Apples from Edgewater Orchards

To help you choose the best apples for you we have put together this information sheet on the apples we grow and sell. Orondo Cider Works cider is always a blend of several varieties because each enhances the characteristics of the others to produce the best cider. That is how we eat, cook and preserve apples, too. Get to know the apples and let your taste buds be your guide! Please ask for a sample of any variety you would like to try.

Red Delicious - Bright to dark red sometimes striped, sweet and juicy. Good in salads, fruit trays and by itself.

Golden Delicious - Golden to light yellow-green, sometimes with a pink tint. Rich, mellow flavor and tender skin, the favorite “all purpose” cooking apple. Keeps shape and tastes rich when baked or cooked, good fresh or for salads.

Granny Smith - Bright to light green, often with a pink tint, this tart, crisp apple is excellent for salads and fresh eating. Tangy flavor stands out when baked, but do not overcook.

Rome - Bright red and round, with mild flavor. Great cooking apple, to bring out flavor, add a little sugar or honey. Holds it shape well and tastes rich when cooked, especially good for baked apples.

Winesap - Deep to violet red, spicy flavor, mildly tart. Excellent for cooking and fresh eating. Winesaps keep spicy flavor when baked and make a thick juicy sauce, often pink in color. Great in cider.

Fuji - Yellow-green with red highlights to nearly solid red. Sweet, mild, crisp and juicy. Fuji is delicious eaten fresh, good for cooking and stores well. Use these in your cooking to reduce need for added sugar.

Jonagold - often red and yellow striped, this tangy, sweet, crisp apple is great for baking, pies and in salads.

Gala - Sweet and fragrant, Gala lends its crisp taste well to salads and applesauce.

Braeburn - Crisp and spicy sweet, Braeburn is an excellent pie apple and makes tasty fresh slices.

Cameo - with a zingy sweet crispness, Cameo scores well for salads, pie, baking and as applesauce.

Pink Lady®- Crisp and tangy tart, Pink Lady® is a great choice for salad, pies or applesauce. Stores well.

Winter Banana - an older variety often used as a pollinator, the Winter Banana is a favorite among old time bakers. Gets a tropical flavor and aroma when fully ripe.

McIntosh - this is the apple that brings back memories of apple picking time! Perfect of eating fresh, great in applesauce and pies.

Empire - this offspring of Red Delicious and McIntosh gives you the best of its parents. The flavor and versatility of McIntosh and the crispness and storing life of the Red.

Stayman - this white fleshed apple is excellent for many uses from cooking to eating fresh. Sweet and tart, it makes a beautiful pink sauce.